Are you tired of the hustle and bustle? Here is a collection of excellent chill out songs recommended to you, which can cleanse your tired soul and bring you endless music enjoyment.

Zach Bryan's whispery vocals and gentle acoustics create a soothing, melancholic folk vibe on this lush track.
James Arthur croons over mellow guitar fingerpicking on this introspective ballad, drawing listeners back with the intimate mood.
Halsey delivers a dreamy alt-pop soundscape enveloped in hazy nostalgia, with chilled-out, hypnotic melodies.
Angus & Julia Stone craft an ethereal indie folk sound woven with their stunning harmonies, ideal for chilling out.
Future Islands bring their signature atmospheric synth-pop to this cathartic, hook-filled track.
Allday's laidback vocals pair with melancholic guitar melodies and reflective lyrics on this indie folk tune.
RUSS raps vulnerably over mellow guitars and emotive keys for a chill hip-hop vibe.
Shawn Mendes' yearning vocals and flowing acoustic production make this pop ballad perfect for unwinding.
FLETCHER conveys relationship anxieties through intimate vocals and minimalist production.
Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak bring easygoing retro vibes on this funk jam with its smooth groove.
chill out music
Lauv rides heartfelt lyrics with stripped-back acoustics and cascading harmonies.
Janelle Monae's laidback R&B jam exudes psychedelic, chill-out bliss.
Circa Waves blend nostalgic, melancholy melodies into cathartic indie pop.
Lauryn Hill infuses her intimate vocals and honest lyrics into this mellow hip-hop soul track.
Earl Sweatshirt's abstract flows pair hauntingly with the mellow jazz-rap production.
TOPS craft breezy, psychedelic indie pop with chilled-out synths and echoy vocals.
Dermot Kennedy's yearning alt-pop ballad sweeps you up in its lush yet intimate ambiance.
Doja Cat glides over dreamy cloud rap production for a hypnotic, chilled-out listening experience.
Shawn Mendes conveys heartache through stripped-back acoustics and raw vocals.
Lorde's lush vocals float over mellow acoustics, creating an intimate, therapeutic folk-pop vibe.
chill out music
Sia's soaring vocals and atmospheric production make this a sweeping, hypnotic pop ballad.
Raveena's hazy vocals and buttery R&B melodies induce a dreamy, soothing ambience.
Lorde crafts a lush electronic-folk soundscape, with introspective songwriting and chilled-out melodies.
alt-J blend melancholic instrumentation and falsetto vocals into a mesmerizing indie folk tune.
Curtis Harding's silky R&B vocals pair perfectly with laidback psychedelic soul melodies.
Anderson .Paak's raspy vocals glide over warm hip-hop soul production with jazzy textures.
Raveena's sensual R&B ballad exudes a hazy, delicate ambience accentuated by her satiny voice.
COIN deliver breezy acoustics and folky harmonies on this mellow indie pop tune.
Tash Sultana jams mellow psychedelic rock textures into this spacey, chill-out track.
L?ON offers intimate indie pop with her smoky vocals and serene acoustics.
chill out music
Caroline Polachek blends lush vocals and production into atmospheric electropop.
Jorja Smith's velvety R&B vocals pair beautifully with chilled-out beats and keys.
Hozier's trademark soulful vocals shine over mellow bluesy guitar licks.
Daniel Caesar duets gorgeously over laidback R&B soundscapes.
Rex Orange County delivers breezy, heartfelt indie pop/hip-hop crossover.
Yungblud and Halsey blend their vocals beautifully on this stripped-back alt-rock ballad.
Harry Styles' dreamy acoustics and poetic lyrics make for hypnotic, melancholy folk-pop.
Son Little's raspy vocals couple with bluesy riffs on this chilled-out tune.
The National craft soaring yet intimate alt-rock with sweeping orchestration.
This relaxing dream pop song sung by Troye Sivan is captivating with its ethereal atmosphere and soft voice.
chill out music
Tame Impala's retro-style psychedelic pop, with its lingering melody and decorative notes, sounds very chill.
This ethereal ballad by Nick Jonas has elements of electronics and R&B, and the soothing melody is reverberant.
JVKE is a ballad that combines elements of folk and electronic music, with gentle fingerpicking on the guitar and a clear voice.
Wrabel's ethereal and humorous voice perfectly interprets this minimalist style electronic ballad.
Tones And I's lively and humming songs give it a unique retro charm and are easy to play on repeat.
This unique dream pop soft rock song by Noah Cyrus has a psychedelic atmosphere and a sexy and charming voice.
Anne-Marie's pop electronic ballad with a Nostalgia feel, the melody and vocals are just right.
Harry Styles' soft and charming voice performs this touching mellow folk love song.
Alina Baraz's ethereal and atmospheric electronic music has a cold tone with warmth.
Taylor Swift's jazz-style pop sketches are brisk and full of positive energy.
chill out music
SYML's melancholy and ethereal unique voice is integrated into this simple guitar finger-picked folk ballad.
This sweet pop song by THE ANXIETY has a light melody and warm atmosphere, making it easy to play on repeat.
Justin Bieber's pop song with an electro feel has a brisk melody and hook lines that are deeply rooted in people's hearts.
This dreamy house track by The Paper Kites has an ethereal female voice and a soothing and peaceful melody.
The Neighborhood makes this simple love song, the melody is deeply rooted in the heart, and the warmth of the bass surrounds the listener.
LANY is a pop ballad with an 80s style, with a beautiful melody and depicts the mood of longing.
This ethereal electronic song collaborated by ZAYN and Sia combines the charm of their voices.
This simple piano ballad by Alec Benjamin has the voice and melody in one go, making it easy to repeat.
Harry Styles' ethereal lyrical ballad track, with only simple guitar and vocals, soothes the mood.
Ben Howard's penetrating voice matches the guitar melody of this simple folk song.
Bruno Mars’ warm and smooth voice performs this lyrical ballad sketch.
This simple piano song by Powfu and Beabadoobee is full of longing and soothes the mind.
Frank Ocean's ethereal and confusing voice blends into this atmospheric R&B ballad.
This melodic pop electronic music track by Noah Cyrus depicts loneliness without being heavy.
This soft house ballad by Phoebe Ryan has a perfect blend of female vocals and melody.
Whether you like Lauv's warm and lyrical voice, blend into Bon Iver's unique indie folk, or just want to simply listen to Daniel Caesar's brisk guitar playing. After working and studying every day, let these soothing chill out melodies be your best way to relax.

You will be intoxicated by the moist and ethereal vocals, feel the infinite melodiousness of simple repetitive passages, and gain inner peace from the low synthesized sounds. There is no noise, only gentle melody guiding your breathing.

Friends, let this collection of chill out songs become a small blessing in your life. No lyrics or stories are needed, just follow the flow of the music, take off your guard, and relax quietly. Find your paradise in this wonderful chill out melody.

chill out music
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