When alone, immerse yourself in your own thoughts and enjoy the cool time. Soul comfort, music company. Feel the beautiful melody and enjoy the quiet time.

When the hustle and bustle of the world drifts away, we have the opportunity to talk to our hearts. There is no one to disturb us here, we can think without margins, forget our troubles for a while, and calm down to examine ourselves.

Music is the best companion in alone time. Turn down the volume and choose some soothing melodies. The sound of guitar fingerstyle flows like water, the sound of the piano lingers in the ears, and the low voice sings with a little sadness. These notes converge into a quiet mountain spring, cleansing the heart and expressing the heart.

Below I have selected 40 songs, suitable for you who are lonely.

Simple guitar playing and singing, slightly sad melody, suitable for quietly savoring memories.
Sia's ethereal and affectionate singing is soothing and sentimental, telling of fragility and confession.
Guitar finger-picking classic oldies singing a lonely state of mind.
Bon Iver's unique voice, slightly sad guitar playing and singing, melancholy and affectionate.
Pure piano performance, lingering, lost in the woods.
Best & Peaceful Songs For Lonely Days
The unplugged lyrical masterpiece of the metal band, the ethereal guitar performance, and the unguarded state of mind.
Slow-paced folk style, with a sad voice, recalling a past event.
Simple and repetitive guitar fingerstyle, empty and serene, completely relaxing the body and mind.
The small and fresh style describes the expectation and yearning for love.
The pure piano conveys tranquility, and the slow melody pays attention to inner fluctuations.
Emo style, soft female voice, expressing the exception and nostalgia of love.
The interweaving of passionate piano and Legend's affectionate voice is a lyrical confession.
Simple and brisk guitar playing and singing, optimistic melody, and hope for the future.
Adapted from a musical, the female voice is sad but moving, recalling the past self.
Simple and smooth guitar solo, with a little introspection and sadness, and a quiet atmosphere.
Simple guitar and Sheeran's clear voice, reminiscing about the lyrical works of the past.
Pure instrumental POST ROCK, no lyrics, the power of pure music.
Coldplay classic old songs, ethereal piano and Chris Martin's sad voice.
The representative work of Radiohead, deep music with a strong sense of space, soothes loneliness.
Simple and repetitive guitar playing, crooning like whispering, quiet atmosphere.
Best & Peaceful Songs For Lonely Days
Birdy's heavenly voice sang a cover, empty and sad, telling about broken love.
Daughter's unique female voice, with a slight pain, shouts out the pain in her heart.
A warm and sweet love song that expresses happiness with the simplest melody.
Folk style, depicting an unforgettable one-night encounter, sentimental and lyrical.
The representative work of Bon Iver's unique voice, simple and repetitive guitar, melancholy and soulful.
The ethereal piano and Jessie's sad voice tell the story of broken love.
Sheeran's classic, the acoustic guitar is simple and beautiful, entrusting the longing for the dead.
STATELESS features female voice and piano, empty and sad, soothing and affectionate.
Piano and Capaldi's penetrating voice, reminiscing about the love in the past, and reminiscing about the broken strings.
Best & Peaceful Songs For Lonely Days
One of Coldplay's masterpieces, ethereal piano and Chris Martin's moving interpretation, a healing work.
The simple and repeated guitar rhythm, the voice is plaintive, and tells a deep desire.
Pure piano music, feel the notes flowing on the keys when you are alone.
Simple guitar playing and singing, ethereal voice, returning to the inner self.
Simple and smooth guitar solo, with a little introspection and sadness, and a quiet atmosphere.
The sadness, loneliness and reluctance conveyed by Buckley's ethereal voice.
Classic old songs, describing the passage of time, in a beautiful folk style.
A classic work produced by Timbaland, the piano and vocals blend with sadness.
The healing power of Adele's soulful voice and simple piano accompaniment.
In the episode of the movie "A Star Is Born", the two sang a sad and moving duet.
Time alone is a luxury. Take off the social mask, temporarily forget the identity and the pressure brought by the identity, and just be the most authentic self.

You can laugh or cry, you can fall asleep, you can drink a cup of warm tea. You can find the rhythm of life in music and enjoy the beauty and peace of being alone.

Best & Peaceful Songs For Lonely Days
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