As a mobile game player, I love Toca Life so much! It has the cutest houses and characters, and I can design the coolest hairstyles and clothes for my little ones. You can find many new and interesting functions every time, and you will never feel bored!

My favorite thing is to buy all kinds of furniture for my house and arrange it in the way of my dreams. My little house has turned into a super beautiful fairy tale castle! Every time I dress up, I have to take a lot of photos, and then go to my little friends to show off.

We also often agree to do some role-playing games. For example, today we are all dinosaur conservationists, and tomorrow we will go to space travel... Every time we can play a lot of stories, it is super fun!

And the music of this game is also very nice! Every time you enter a different place, the background music will switch to a different style. I like the music played when I go to the supermarket and the amusement park. It has a strong sense of rhythm and makes me feel like the protagonist of the movie!

In addition, during festivals, Toca Life World will also release new theme music. For example, there will be oriental-style music during the Spring Festival, and dreamy bells at Christmas. These musics make the game more atmospheric immediately!

Here are 4 phone ringtones based on Toca Life World's game music Remix. Let us be surrounded by the music of Toca Life World anytime, anywhere, showing our distinctive personality.

Toca Life World
According to Toca Life World's game music style, I recommend another 20 popular songs of similar music style:

Classic songs that bring people high positive energy, the melody makes people very happy
Sunshine songs that make you feel good, the lyrics convey a positive and optimistic attitude towards life
A strong sense of rhythm, a melody so happy that it flies, perfectly expressing the feeling of "brisk walking"
Describe that every day is the best day of your life, be positive
Girls want to have fun, full of girly positive energy songs
The warm and sweet melody expresses the happiness of being with your lover
Classic and lively melody conveys a carefree state of mind
Toca Life World
Depicting the comfort and joy of the summer island, fresh guitar playing
Dance music with strong electronic rhythm makes people full of energy
OneRepublic's classic, inspiring people to live out their ideal life
The sweet love song of Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, lucky to have you with the sweet content
The gentle and magnetic voice sang the longing for a paradise-like ideal land
A masterpiece of strong comeback, the inspirational lyrics are inspiring
Comparing life to a road, a positive comparison
Toca Life World
U2's classic to paint a good day
Portugal The Man's unique pop style, full of rhythm
Warm and nostalgic songs by Dire Straits, like walking on the road of life
ELO paints azure classic with optimism
Inspirational song by The Script and
Avicii party-style electronic dance music, full of energy
These are mostly pop songs with light rhythms, cheerful melodies, and sunshine. It contains not only classic old songs, but also popular songs in recent years. These music styles are very close to Toca Life World's game music, hope you will like these recommendations!

To me, Toca Life World is definitely the most wonderful game in the world! It's fun, cute and has a musical atmosphere, it's like a children's fairy tale world. I highly recommend all kids to give it a try! If you are also a fan of Toca, welcome to play and share with me! We can build more and better worlds!

Toca Life World