Dive deep into underworld of dance & electronica music & express yourself in nightclubs and dance floors. Through the stacking of various sound effects, a strong spatial atmosphere is created, making the listener feel like they are right there. The music is full of tension and emotional ups and downs.

Vice State brings future house tracks with strong bassline and percussion rhythms, with a strong sense of venue and live atmosphere.
Left/Right's house style masterpiece, the repeated groove rhythm is very infectious, showing the style characteristics of Melodic Techno.
Wittyboy's calm electronic music contains delicate emotions under the repeated Groove rhythm, making people immersed in it and unable to extricate themselves.
Love Remain's atmospheric electronic work, with warm and lingering vocals floating on the groove, is full of dreamy texture.
The Sanctuary's future house masterpiece, the perfect combination of female vocals and bassline rhythm, showing a unique club scene feel.
Dusky shows his superb control of Modular Techno and Ambient, and his repeated Motifs are extremely dramatic.
Model Man presents Synth Wave works with a retro feel and dreamy color, depicting nostalgic emotions.
Frost's ambient electronic works show his exploration of the infinite possibilities of ambient music, with pure and ethereal timbre.
BSEARL's house masterpiece shows the new generation of producers' interpretation of club music, with strong bass appearing repeatedly.
The Weeknd brings Synth Wave dark dance music with synchronized sound and light. The strong sense of rhythm and psychedelic sound effects create the feeling of entering a club when you put on headphones.
Underworld of dance & electronica
Dua Lipa shows her love for disco music, her voice is sexy and the rhythm is so strong that people can't help but move to the melody.
Another Dua Lipa masterpiece, a retro-style electronic dance music with addictive melody and rhythm, a blend of modernity and nostalgia.
Dua Lipa's Dancercise-style song, with its strong beat and retro-style resample, makes people dance and full of energy.
Imanbek injects dance beats and Bassline's god-level remix to show the style of future Bass music.
O'Flynn & Frazer Ray bring a dreamy Deep House collaboration, with soft Groove rhythms and vocals floating in harmony.
Farsi recreates this classic with a deep synthetic bass, giving it an experimental electronic music vibe, injecting new life into the old song.
The tracks of Ross from Friends are full of the fluffy atmosphere of Lo-Fi House, the repetitive groove is fascinating, and the audio processing is very distinctive.
Just Her's music shows the possibility of future house, with spacious atmosphere and rich rhythm changes, which is very penetrating.
Stanton Warriors demonstrate their powerful breakbeat production technology, and the drum programming is novel, complex and full of passion.
Budakid brings a dreamy house soundscape, the synthesizer is ethereal and distant, and the melody lines are soft and soothing.
Underworld of dance & electronica
Miley Cyrus' 80s-style pop electronic music Single, retro Synthwave sounds and exciting melodies allow people to break through their personal limitations.
The two divas join forces to create their own perfect dance music with high-energy electronic beats and sexy female vocals.
The Weeknd's psychedelic electronic dance music, the contrast between ethereal vocals and strong drum rhythm is intoxicating, sexy and psychedelic.
Dua Lipa's disco house dance music is a perfect combination of retro style and modern electronic music, and the exciting rhythm and melody are both touching.
Ava Max's electro-pop songs are dark and uplifting, with powerful drum beats and synthesizer performances full of tension.
The three stars join forces, Tiësto's electronic music production technology perfectly matches Rita Ora's sexy voice.
Halsey worked with electronic music producers to create Club banger, whose lyrics describe the carnival and dark side of nightlife.
Combining pure EDM dance music with Hip Hop, the collaboration between Justin Bieber and Quavo is impressive.
Underworld of dance & electronica
Underworld of dance & electronica is a style that combines electronic dance music with electronic music. The timbre produced by electronic synthesizers is the core element of this music, including synthesized bass, effects, etc. The sound is cold, mechanical and futuristic. This type of music has a very strong drum beat and rhythm, which makes people unable to resist the dynamic feeling. It simulates the dance music atmosphere in a nightclub, with continuous music, creating a continuous sense of dance. A lot of electronic dance music in nightclubs falls into this style.